Develop a holistic way of thinking

See reality as it is. Observe and understand the whole situation. Often you see only a part of reality. You should to know more facts, before you make a judgement.

Marko Jevšenak: Watch and listen carefully to get the whole picture
Try to get and understand the whole picture
 How to see reality as it is:
1. Take a step backward in order to understand what is happening around you.
2. Get the relevant information from reliable sources.
3. Examine the whole matter, get all the facts.
4. Consider all gathered data to understand the facts behind.
5. Listen to other opinions in order to understand different views.
6. Collect and consider a different kind of data.
7. Actively engage - visit the place, try funcionality, practice usage.
8. Use imagination in order to understand substance.
9. Check reliability of data.
10. Accomlish the puzzle and get the final understanding.
Watch and listen carefully. So you'll get more knowledge. Knowlwdge is real wealth and here are thoughts about it:

Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.

In reading authors, when you find Bright passages, that strike your mind, And which, perhaps, you may have reason To think on, at another season, Be not contented with the sight, But take them down in black and white; Such a respect is wisely shown, As makes another's sense one's own.

Early knowledge is very valuable capital with which to set forth in life. It gives one an advantageous start. If the possession of knowledge has a given value at fifty, it has a much greater value at twenty-five; for there is the use of it for twenty-five of the most important years of your life; and it is worth more than a hundred per cent interest. Indeed, who can estimate the interest of knowledge? Its price is above rubies.

The knowledge which we have acquired ought not to resemble a great shop without order, and without an inventory; we ought to know what we possess, and be able to make it serve us in need.

Knowledge is leagued with the universe, and findeth a friend in all things; but ignorance is everywhere a stranger, unwelcome; ill at ease and out of place.

Every human being whose mind is not debauched, will be willing to give all that he has to get knowledge.


That learning which thou gettest by thy own observation and experience, is far beyond that which thou gettest by precept; as the knowledge of a traveler exceeds that which is got by reading.

Knowledge will not be acquired without pains and application. It is troublesome and deep, digging for pure waters; but when once you come to the spring, they rise up and meet you.

There is no knowledge for which so great a price is paid as a knowledge of the world; and no one ever became an adept in it except at the expense of a hardened or a wounded heart.

Here you can learn how to strenghten your attention.


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