Implement sustainable ideas

Implement sustainable ideas. Develop new solutions based on old experiences. This is also the way to the better future. Be persistent, brave, innovative and determined to do something special. It is equally important to choose the right and well-defined goal. Think like a entrepreneur and introduce something new into your work and your life. It is allways possible to suceed with clear, inovative idea and with good preparation. As a result, right decisions and appropriate next steps will follow.


Marko Jevšenak: Develop entrepreneurial idea
Nature friendly products are the right way to the future.


How to implement sustainable ideas?  Try to develop a new solution based on old functional examples. Pay maximum attention to strong basic concept. This is not an easy task. It'll take a lot of effort and time. Before get into that, learn more about this challenging process:
1. First, know more about new product development process.
2. Then build idea for the new solution.  Find useful related content here.
3. Furthermore, be sure that product will cover market needs. Here is more about how to validate the idea.
4. Plan activities. Here are some examples of business plans.
5. Make the first version of the product. This content will be usefull in order to do this.
6. Estimate the costs. Learn more how to do this.
7. Moreover it is important to provide resources for further steps. This templates could be useful.
8. After all, use effective tools for promotional activities.
9. Last but not least: Rethink if founding the Startup is needed for the new product developement.
10. Just do it!  Build a success story.
Old knowledge is rich with fruitful ideas. Consider toughts below about experience:

To Truth's house there is a single door, which is experience.

Experience does take dreadfully high school-wages, but he teaches like no other.

No man was ever endowed with a judgment so correct and judicious, in regulating his life, but that circumstances, time and experience, would teach him something new, and apprize him that of those things with which he thought himself the best acquainted, he knew nothing; and that those ideas, which in theory appeared the most advantageous, were found, when brought into practice, to be altogether inapplicable.

Experience is a grindstone; and it is lucky for us if we can get brightened by it, and not ground.

Some toughts about progress:

He only is advancing in life whose heart is getting softer, whose blood warmer, whose brain quicker, whose spirit is entering into living peace.

"Can any good come out of Nazareth?" This is always the question of the wiseacres and the knowing ones. But the good, the new, comes from exactly that quarter whence it is not looked for, and is always something different from what is expected. Everything new is received with contempt, for it begins in obscurity. It becomes a power unobserved.

Look up and not down; look forward and not back; look out and not in; and lend a hand.

I must do something to keep my thoughts fresh and growing. I dread nothing so much as falling into a rut and feeling myself becoming a fossil.

Humanity, in the aggregate, is progressing, and philanthropy looks forward hopefully.

Human improvement is from within outwards.

An original sentence, a step forward, is worth more than all the centuries.


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