Be optimistic

Be optimistic. Believe in yourself. Each one has the right to be here and now.  Important is to use your time as well as possible.  Let's do the best at the present. Consequently, you'll be proud on your past and your future will be bright.

Marko Jevšenak: You can prosper everywhere.
Be optimistic. Each one has possibility and opportunity to flourish.

Be optimistic. Believe in yourself. Let's find out how to strenghten to achive this.
1. Do the things in which you enyoy.
2. Grow your enthusiasm and optimism.
3. Belive that your mission and activities are imortant.
4. Trust the people around you.
5. Find the way how to be a part of solution instead of a part of a problem.
6. Find the way for increasing contribution to common activities.
7. Help to the others and in the need of help, ask for it.
8. Show and share your emotions but not waste them.
9. Do the things, as good and fast as you can.
10. Right time to do something is here and now.
Believe in yourself and it is important that you are using your time well. Here are some thoughts about time:

Time, the cradle of hope, but the grave of ambition, is the stern corrector of fools, but the salutary counselor of the wise, bringing all they dread to the one, and all they desire to the other.

The time which passes over our heads so imperceptibly makes the same gradual change in habits, manners and character, as in personal appearance. At the revolution of every five years we find ourselves another and yet the same;--there is a change of views, and no less of the light in which we regard them; a change of motives as well as of action.

Let me therefore live as if every moment were to be my last.

The great rule of moral conduct is, next to God, to respect time.

Make use of time, if thou valuest eternity. Yesterday cannot be recalled; to-morrow cannot be assured; to-day only is thine, which, if thou procrastinatest, thou losest; which loss is lost forever.

Our lives are either spent in doing nothing at all, or in doing nothing to the purpose, or in doing nothing that we ought to do. We are always complaining that our days are few, and acting as though there would be no end to them.

Time is given us that we may take care for eternity; and eternity will not be too long to regret the loss of our time if we have misspent it.

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