Seek a deeper truth

Seek a deeper truth. Look up into the sky, be aware of infinity. Pray and meditate every day. This will make your life richer and help you to find a  peace within your soul.

Marko Jevšenak: Find the final truth
There is something magical up there.

Seek a deeper truth. Consider seriously  about prayer and the God. Bellow are some statements. It is not neccessary to agree with them but they can be used for further reconsideration. 

There is only one God. Differences are only in how we imagine Him.
There are diffrent religions due to cultural, historical and geopolitical reasons.
God is very alive. He lives in bilions of beeings.
Live in peace with God, whatever imagine Him to be.
Prayers are part of tradition, culture and deep belivings.
Prayer will have a positive effect, if it will be the result of positive thoughts and good intentions.
God is a good listener. He don't give the answers but He is helping us to find them.
We don't have the whole picture of the God, as we don't have the whole picture of the Universe.
It is possible to find the proof for the God everywhere and nowhere. This is up to us.
We can seek deeper meaning of the God or simply belive and pray to Him.
God has a mighty alliance of positive minded people from all times and all parts of our globe.
Nobody has the right to act like the God, but we all have the possibility to do something good to honour Him with this.
Try to understand why it is good to meditate and pray every day. Bellow are some deep toughts about pray and prayer:

When we pray for any virtue, we should cultivate the virtue as well as pray for it; the form of your prayers should be the rule of your life; every petition to God is a precept to man. Look not, therefore, upon your prayers as a short method of duty and salvation only, but as a perpetual monition of duty; by what we require of God we see what He requires of us.

We have assurance that we shall be heard in what we pray, because we pray to that God that heareth prayer, and is the rewarder of all that come unto Him; and in His name, to whom God denieth nothing; and, therefore, howsoever we are not always answered at the present, or in the same kind that we desire, yet, sooner or later, we are sure to receive even above that we are able to ask or think, if we continue to sue unto Him according to His will.

The best answer to all objections urged against prayer is the fact that man cannot help praying; for we may be sure that that which is so spontaneous and ineradicable in human nature has its fitting objects and methods in the arrangements of a boundless Providence.

So much of our lives is celestial and divine as we spend in the exercise of prayer.


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