Be a citizen of the world

Be a citizen of the world. Do something right now that the world will be a better place for living. Contribute to a healthier, equal  and happier world.
We are of different "colours" but we all belong to one global family.

Marko Jevšenak: Be a citizen of the world
We all belong to the one big family
How to become a citizen of the world?
1. First, be aware of the world and how human actions can impact on it.

2. Then be curious about the environment, nature, human cultures, geology and economics.

3. Further connect with others and do something good for them.
4. Use every oportunity to learn from great examples and great people.
5. Spread compassion, tolerance and understanding.
6. Share your knowledge and wealth with people around the globe.
7. Regulary visit new places phisicaly or virtualy, to better understand other cultures and people.
8. Additionaly, be independent-minded and never afraid of exploring the unknown.
9. Permanently  broaden your mind with the new experiences.
10. Always keep an open mind to understand others.
Be inspired to do something good and become a citizen of the world. Read this wonderful text::

"I woke up to the morning sky, first
Baby blue, just like we rehearsed
When I get up off this ground, I shake leaves back down
To the brown, brown, brown, brown
'Til I'm clean, oh my
Then I walk where I'd be shaded by the trees
By a meadow of green
For about a mile
I'm headed to town, town, town
In style

With all my favorite colors, yes sir, yeah

I got all my favorite colors, right on
My sisters and my brothers
See 'em like no other
All my favorite colors
It's a good day to be
A good day for me
A good day to see
My favorite colors, colors

My sisters and my brothers

They see 'em like no other
All my favorite colors
Now take me to other side
Where the bitty blues birds flies
And gray clouds, or white walls, or blue skies
We gonna fly, feel alright
Somebody help me feel…"

(Black Pumas - Colors)

To learn more how to be a citizen of the world, it is worth to read  about roles of global citizens


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